InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Snog & Black Lung

"A curious and exotic Journey into Sound and Philosophy"


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Release: 2015
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Snog & Black Lung - A curious and exotic Journey into Sound and Philosophy CDR

Limited edition of strictly 100, handnumbered copies i 4-panel Digisleeve with a die-cut slo on the right panel for the professionally printed CDr.

A compendium of Collaborations, seldom ...
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1.Mind And Purpose (Featuring Veruschka)
2.The Toxic Womb Of Convenience *
3.The Sickness (Featuring Hecq)
4.Poison (Thrussell/arkley-Smith/fischer/pokorski)
5.Sedition Is Lust (Featuring Pankow)
6.License (Thrussell/arkley-Smith)
7.Production Possibility Frontier *
8.Cosmic Caveman
9.Boundless Informant (Thrussell) *
10.General Breedlove (Thrussell) *
11.The Five Eyes (Thrussell) *
12.Value Added (Thrussell) *
13.Illuminatus Magus (Featuring Spiderface)
14.The Omniscient *
15.The Lament Of The Lost Sheep
16.One Speck Of Dust