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"Avoid Panic Bying"


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Release: 2010
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Snog - Avoid Panic Bying CD

Snog has always been a strange animal. Some kind of Electro-Frankenstein, a hybrid of progressive electronic music and archaic tradition work-songs and melancholic ballads. This release strips away Thrussell's old-world songwriting to reveal the high-octane, pulsating electro-beast that often hides deep in the Snog sound.

There are club anthems here (I.M.F Remix), jagged avant work-outs (Black Lung's remix of The Human Germ) and edgy dance-floor grunt (Ubin's remix of Real Estate Man). These remixes were cooked with paranoia, anger, love and dark, dark humour. You will like them.
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InfraRot item number:2007.926
Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-45-cd
1.Shop (I.M.F Remix)
2.Born To Be Mild (Soma Remix)
3.Cliche (Snog Vs. Q-Kontrol)
4.Naive Giant (F.E.M.A Remix)
5.Born To Be Mild (Groin Thunder Remix)
6.The Universe (Negative Format Remix)
7.Born To Be Mild (Alex Hidell Mk II)
8.Cliche (MK Artichoke File 1)
9.Hooray!! (Black Lung And The Death Jungle 2000)
10.Hey, Christian God (Sacred Mushroom II Mix)
11.Make The Little Flowers Grow (The Gold Eating Ants)
12.The Ballad (Atom Heart And The Systematic Errors)
13.The Human Germ (Black Lung Meets The Brutal Gardener)
14.The Human Germ (Xingu Hill Battles The Predominant Pestilence)
15.The Future (Xx 0022)
16.Real Estate Man (Ubin Remix)
17.Corporate Slave (V.1)