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"Buy Me... I'll Change Your Life"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Snog - Buy Me... I'll Change Your Life CD

Formed back in late 80s in Australia, Snog basically means one-man project of David Thrussell with large spectrum of involved guest musicians. Musically, his albums are a integration of many styles like industrial, techno and even acoustic guitar-based ballads or funk powered tracks.

First album, 'Lies Inc.', was released in 1992. His next 'Dear Valued Customer' was released in 1994. Still active until now. Released first time back in 1997, 'Buy Me... I'll Change Your Life' contains everything from guitars to complete orchestral arrangements. Tracks on this album show a deep critisism about the government, media, and capitalism itself. A 'must-have' for all open-minded people, who are tired of 'modern industrial' distorted sounds.

This re-release is a master-piece in remastered and expanded edition. So, buy it... it'll change your life.
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Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-47-cd
1.Light, Yet Refreshing
3.Make The Little Flowers Grow
4.The Ballad
5.The Prole Song
6.Big Brother
7.This Is Capitalism
8.The Human Germ
9.Bastard Closet
10.The Future
11.The People Of Straight Land
12.The End (Suite)
13....Opening...Engagement... Diversion...Penetration...
14.This Is Capitalism (Ambassador 21 Remix)