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"The Plug-in Drug"



Release: 2013
Status: Sold out
Snog - The Plug-in Drug MLP

Super limited edition, 8-tracks Vinyl-only Mini-album, strictly 300 copies!

Snog are sexy and dangerous. They use ideas and philosophies as slyly crafted weapons. Mind-bombs from the loins of Eros. A full 21 years since their first release (the provocative dancefloor-hit “Corporate Slave”) Snog have lost none of their fire, wit or intellect. Band mastermind Dee Thrussell’s long journey to recently arrive as a transgender woman informs every wry musical gesture and satirical lyric.

“The Plug-In Drug” MLP presents 3 brand new tracks (from the forthcoming album “Babes In Consumerland”) with exclusive remixes (by Black Lung, Monster Zoku Onsomb …) and unreleased tracks.

Deluxe presentation with striking original artwork and transparent blue vinyl ! Joined by dear friends and collaborators Atom TM, Felix Kubin and Ash Wednesday, this is electronic music as you’ve never heard it before - blindingly articulate, fearless and yet strangely accessible.

2013’s incarnation of the legendary Snog is a powerhouse trio delivering slyly subversive electronic pop. You have been warned !
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1.The Plug-In Drug
2.The Corporate Homoe*otic Cyclists
3.The Corporate Homoe*otic Cyclists (Black Lung Remix)
4.A Man (Minimal Man Remix)
5.Everything Is Under Control
6.Everything Is Under Control (Spiderface Remix)
7.Everything Is Under Control (Sir Real Remix)
8.Everything Is Under Control (Monster Zoku Onsomb Remix)