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"Thirteen Remakes For The Rapture"


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Release: 2009
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Snog - Thirteen Remakes For The Rapture CD

Advoxya Records proudly presents this official release from the australianveteran of the industrial movement - Snog (aka David Thrussell) - in last2 years from the publishing "The Last Days Of Rome" and several digitalsingles. Full spectrum of outstanding music, from danceable electro, EBMto slow acoustic tracks, been remixed by well-known names in scene such asBlack Lung, Haujobb, Hecq, Ambassador 21 and many others. Being the old fan of this band from it`s first releases on legendary label MachineryRecords (RIP), then on Hymen, Metropolis, Psy-Harmonics and so on, we werehappy to issue this brilliant sonic sculpture, which is been one-piecemonolith masterpiece, built on the different genres of industrial. Disc is published in the limited plastic box.
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InfraRot item number:2004.320
Label's catalogue number:ad-hun-30-cd
1.Crash Crash (Manmademan Remix)
2.Planet Of Shit (Manmademan Remix)
3.King Of Hate (Black Lung Remix)
4.Crash Crash (Tim Wright Remix)
5.Planet Of Shit (Black Lung Remix)
6.King Of Hate (End Remix)
7.Turn On Your Brain Baby (Oleg Kostrow Remix)
8.The Last Days Of Rome (Sir Real Remix)
9.Citizens (Shaolin Wooden Men Remix)
10.Hooray!! (Haujobb Remix)
11.Planet Of Shit (Hecq Remix)
12.City (Hesius Dome Vs. Hecq Remix)
13.Fill My Hole (Byron Scullin Featuring Marcel Borrack "heŽs The Real De