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"Rituals Redux"


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Release: 2016
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Snuttock - Rituals Redux 2CD

Snuttock's "Endless Rituals" album remixed by Marsheaux, Leaether Strip, TweakerRay & some of the scene's best Producers Who: Snuttock is the duo of Bryan Lee and Christopher Lee Simmonds (also a founding member of Thought Industry). What: Playing the alchemist, the band melds the darker edges of synthpop with industrial rhythms and the occasional ambient interlude to produce a diverse pathology of electronics. Sure to please those who hunger for all things electronic. Where: Baltimore, Maryland When: 2003 to Present How: sourcing radical remixes of their latest release material from some of the scene's best Producers, including Marsheaux, Leaether Strip, TweakerRay, Psy'Aviah, Amarta Project, [:SITD:], The Rorschach Garden, StatiK SeKt, Retrogramme, The Metroland Protocol, Sebastian Komor, Red This Ever, Just One Fix, Guilt Trip, L'Avenir Moonlight, Diskodiktator, and Deutsche Bank Machine-pop, Snuttock has created a masterful redux of its "Endless Rituals" album, the whole of which is woven together in a seamless radio program format.
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1.Advice (Leaether Strip Remix)
2.We Learn (Marsheaux Remix)
3.Spitting Into The Wind (Psy'aviah Remix)
4.Ghost (Amarta Project Remix)
5.People Too ([:sitd:] Remix)
6.Single Cell Antennae (The Rorschach Garden Remix)
7.Nameless (Statik Sekt Remix)
8.Attention Deficit (Retrogramme Remix)
9.Single Cell Antennae (The Metroland Protocol)
10.We Learn (Sebastian Komor Remix)
11.Crawl ([:sitd:] Remix)
12.Advice (Red This Ever Remix)
13.Attention (Leaether Strip Remix)
14.Single Cell Antennae (The Metroland Protocol Edit)
15.People Too (Tweakerray Remix)
16.Spitting Into The Wind (Just One Fix Mix) By Guilt Trip 08. Crawl (L'avenir Moon
17.Attention (Diskodiktator Remix)
18.Plastic Girls (Deutsche Bank Machine-Pop Remix)