InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann

Soft Cell



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Release: 2003
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Soft Cell - Live! CD

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Label:Cooking Vinyl
1.Memorabilia [Live]
2.Monoculture [Live]
3.Le Grand Guignol [Live]
4.Heat [Live]
5.Caligula Syndrome [Live]
6.Divided Soul [Live]
7.Last Chance [Live]
8.Barriers [Live]
9.Youth [Live]
10.Loving You, Hating Me [Live]
11.Mr. Self Destruct [Live]
12.Best Way To Kill [Live]
13.The Art Of Falling Apart [Live]
14.Together Alone [Live]
15.Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime [Live]
16.Baby Doll [Live]
17.The Night [Live]
18.Soul Inside [Live]
19.Torch [Live]
20.Bedsitter [Live]
21.Tainted Love [Live]
22.Where Did Our Love Go? [Live]
23.Martin [Live]
24.Insecure Me [Live]
25.Say Hello, Wave Goodbye [Live]
26.Sex Dwarf [Live]