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Soil Bleeds Black

"March of the Infidels"


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Release: 2016
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Soil Bleeds Black - March of the Infidels CD

Limited re-issue of THE SOIL BLEEDS BLACKs sophomore album, “March of the Infidels” (Napalm/Draenor Productions 1997). Maturing in their approach to synthetically executed neo-medieval music,“March of the Infidels,” exemplifies what may be the band’s least organic recording. The production is smooth, crisp, almost adopting a midi-like atmosphere. The album helped expand the bands audience and remains perhaps the most celebrated of their first three works. Features a guest appearance by Cernunnos’ Woods. Includes the three exclusive bonus tracks ‘To Each His Own Fate’, ‘Solutio Perfecta’ and ‘Jubilation of Earthly Belights’.
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