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Sol Invictus

"In A Garden Green"


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Release: 2011
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Sol Invictus - In A Garden Green 2CD

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2.Come The Morning
3.O Rubor Sanguinis
4.Song Of The Flower
5.Ave Maria
6.In A Garden Green
7.The Praties Song
8.No One
9.Europa Calling
10.O Rubor Sanguinis [Live]
11.Come The Morning [Live]
12.In My Garden [Live]
13.In A Garden Green [Live]
14.Remember & Forget / Amongst The Ruins [Live]
15.Media [Live]
16.The Fool [Live]
17.Sheath And Knife [Live]
18.Fields [Live]
19.Believe Me [Live]
20.See How We Fall / Laws And Crowns [Live]
21.A Ship Is Burning / Against The Modern World [Live]
22.In Europa [Live]
23.Death Of The West [Live]