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Sol Invictus

"Necropolis (Limited Edition)"

2CD · Book


Release: 2018
Status: Sold out
Sol Invictus - Necropolis (Limited Edition) 2CD

2CD book edition (hardcover, 18x18cm, 60 pages with enhanced artwork, preface and additional texts by Tony Wakeford and a full-length 18-track bonus CD) (500 copies available)

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2.Nine Elms
3.Old Father Thames
4.See Them
6.Still Born Summer
7.Brick Lane
8.Turn Turn Turn
9.The Last Man
10.The Garden Of Love
11.Kill Burn
12.Set The Table
13.Murder On Thames
16.Those Who Watch
17.The Last Choir
18.Nine Elms Watching
19.The Last Man (Live)
20.Necropolis (Live)
21.Your Master's Voice (Live)
22.Believe Me (Live)
23.Old London Weeps (Live)
24.We Are The Dead Men (Live)
25.The Blackleg Miner (Live)
26.Necropolis (Rehearsal)
27.Thirteen Places
28.The Ditch & Shore
29.Serpent In The Heart
30.Mortlake: The Garden Of Love
31.Mortlake: Some Still Born Summer (Demo)
32.Mortlake: The Bells (Demo)
33.Mortlake: Lucifer