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Sol Invictus

"The Blade"


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Release: 2020
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Sol Invictus - The Blade CD

The second Sol Invictus re-release from Auerbach Tonträger this October is 'The Blade' which was originally released back in 1997 and has been deleted for a long time. This work is considered as one of Sol Invictus' greatest albums by many fans, and as usual it will be re-released in a portrait-format Digipak and with revised artwork. Apart from the original album, it comes with four bonus tracks: 'Time To Meet The King', which was first released on 'In Europa' but is historically linked to 'The Blade'; an early mix of 'Nothing Here & Remember And Forget'; an originally discarded version of 'Only I Know'; plus an unreleased version of 'In God We Trust.'
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Label's catalogue number:AB 045
1.The Blade
2.In Heaven
3.Time Flies
4.The House Above The World
5.Laws And Crowns
6.Once Upon A Time
7.See How We Fall
9.From The Wreckage
10.Nothing Here
11.Remember And Forget
12.The Blade
13.Time To Meet The King (Originally Released On "In Europa")
14.Nothing Here & Remember And Forget (Early Mix)
15.Only I Know (Outtake)
16.In God We Trust