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Sol Invictus

"The Cruellest Month (Fan Edition)"

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Release: 2011
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Sol Invictus - The Cruellest Month (Fan Edition) Set

Sol Invictus are the godfathers of classic Apocalyptic Folk. With 'The Cruellest Month', they release their first album for six years and make their long-awaited debut for Auerbach Tonträger / Prophecy Productions. 'The Cruellest Month' has turned out to be a typical Sol Invictus album in every regard. Music-wise, it's angular, combative, painful, with pessimistic and cynical lyrics.

As well as songs poison-penned by Tony Wakeford, the album contains a number of traditional songs, including Andrew King's rendition of mass-murder ballad, 'Cruel Lincoln', and Tony Wakeford's version of class war anthem, 'The Blackleg Miner'. 'The Cruellest Month' sees Tony Wakeford finding back to his true strengths, cementing the position of Sol Invictus as the spearheads of the Neofolk genre. Cover-painting by Tor Lundvall.
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