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Sol Invictus

"The Death Of The West"


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Release: 2012
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Sol Invictus - The Death Of The West CD

Not only because of its title track 'Death Of The West' has to be seen as a classic of the Sol Invictus catalogue. Originally planned as Mini CD, Tony Wakeford got carried away during the recordings and added some old classics in a new gown to form this album release from 1994.

As known from the previous Sol Invictus re-releases, 'Death Of The West' is coming in a limited portrait digipak edition of 700 copies, including new artwork and liner notes. The featured bonus material consists of all songs of the Mini CD 'Above Us The Sun' which was originally released in 1994 as well.
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1.1. In The West
2.2. Sheath And Knife
3.3. Amongst The Ruins
4.4. Kneel To The Cross
5.5. The West
6.6. Death Of The West
7.7. Here Am I
8.8. Our Lady Of The Wildflowers
9.9. Petals From A Rose
10.10. Come, Join The Dance
11.11. In The West
12.12. On And On
13.13. The Coffin Road
14.14. Above Us The Sun