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Sol Invictus

"The Devil's Steed"


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Release: November 2020
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Sol Invictus - The Devil's Steed CD

Until the release of 'The Cruellest Month' in the summer of 2011, 'The Devil's Steed' of 2005 was the up-to-date album of Sol Invictus, already heralding Tony Wakeford's return to more classic folkloristic topics. Apart from the established high quality format of the Sol Invictus re-releases (ltd. digipak, new artwork, liner notes), the re-release of 'The Devil's Steed' is completed by a new version of 'Looking For Europe' (as known from the neofolk compilation of the same name) and yet unreleased demo versions of 'There Did Three Knights Come From The West', 'The North Ship' and 'The Devil's Steed'.
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1.We Are The Dead Men
2.Old London Weeps
3.The North Ship
4.A Steed For The Devil
5.There Did Three Knights Come From The West
6.Twa Corbies
7.Semaphore Seasons
8.O Death Come Close My Eyes
9.The Devil's Steed
10.The Edge Beckons
11.Where Stone Lions Prowl
12.Come Winter Rain
13.A Window To The Sun
14.The Silver Swan
15.Looking For Europe (Version From V/A - Looking For Europe)
16.There Did Three Knights Come From The West (Demo)
17.The North Ship (Demo)
18.The Devil's Steed (Demo)