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Release: November 2020
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Sol Invictus - Thrones 2CD

Apart from the early Sol Invictus catalogue that hasn't been available for a long time, Auerbach Tonträger is re-releasing the newer albums by the English godfathers of Neofolk as well of course. 'Thrones', originally released in 2002, sees a special treatment. In addition to the usual portrait-format Digipak including revised artwork and liner-notes limited to 700 copies, a jam-packed bonus CD is included, containing tracks from the deleted collection of Sol Invictus rarities 'The Angel', the hidden tracks from the best-of album 'The Giddy Whirl of Centuries', the songs 'Light me the Candle' and 'Welcome' from the compilations 'Writ in Water' and 'Songs for Aliénor', a live recording of 'Amongst the Ruins' from Paris that was originally included on a compilation by 'Orkus' magazine in 2003, as well as the song 'Owl & Pussycat', previously only available with the compilation 'Songs for Landeric' - a 'subscription' compilation only from Cynfeirdd.
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2.Do And Say
5.Then He Killed Her
6.In God We Trust
7.Driftwood Thrones
8.The Thrill Is Gone
9.No Gods
10.In The Blink Of A Star
11.In God We Trust (Demo)
12.Then He Killed Her (Demo)
13.The Angel
14.It's A Beautiful Day (Instrumental Remix)
15.In The Wake Of The Wolf
16.Eve (Instrumental)
17.Eve (Acoustic)
18.Light Me The Candle
19.Owl & Pussycat
21.Amongst The Ruins (In Paris) [Live]