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Solar Fake

"Enjoy Dystopia (Deluxe Edition)"


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Release: February 2021
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Solar Fake - Enjoy Dystopia (Deluxe Edition) 2CD

Three years after „You Win. Who Cares?“ Solar Fake come up with the follow-up „Enjoy Dystopia“ - an album taking the style of the fan loved precursor several steps on.

Singer Sven Friedrich agrees: „There ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.At Least We‘Ll Forget
2.I Despise You
3.This Pretty Life
4.Arrive Somewhere
5.Es Geht Dich Nichts An
6.It‘S Who You Are
7.Trying Too Hard
9.Just Leave It
10.Wish Myself Away
11.Join Me In Death
12.Where Is My Mind
13.Es Geht Dich Nichts An (Faelder Remix)
14.Implode (Blutengel Remix)
15.Arrive Somewhere (Solitary Experiments Remix)
16.This Pretty Life (Iris Remix)
17.I Despise You (Massive Ego Remix)
18.Trying Too Hard (Dunkelsucht Remix)
19.At Least We‘Ll Forget (Backline Remix By Blood & Tears)
20.It's Who You Are (Random Starlight Remix)
21.I Despise You (Vintage Remix By Nan)
22.At Least We'll Forget (Uplifting Emotional Mix By Anja & Alex)
23.It's Who You Are (Ost+Front Remix)
24.Just Leave It (Lord Of The Lost Version)