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Solar Fake

"This pretty Life (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2020
Status: Sold out
Solar Fake - This pretty Life (Limited Edition) MCD

Solar Fake are back – melodic, danceable and bittersweet. „Pretty Life“ is an appetizer on the album being released next year and shows the band from their best side.

„Probably „This Pretty Life“ is not the typical Solar Fake song, but on the other hand I am not even sure if there is something like a typical Solar Fake song.“, comments singer Sven Friedrich and demonstrates that even after a career highlight such as „You Win. Who Cares?“ the band does not stay on the safe side. And he is right in both because „This Pretty Life“ ads a new aspect to the Solar Fake sound, yet it still have everything fans of the band know and love: A catchy beat, simple yet deep melodies and the unique voice of Sven hypnotizing the listeners at one. „This Pretty Life“ will be released as handnumbered club single limited on 777 units.
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Label:Out Of Line
1.This Pretty Life (Single Version)
2.This Pretty Life (Extended Version)
3.This Pretty Life (Random Starlight Remix)
4.This Pretty Life (Piano Version)