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Solar Fake

"Who Cares, It's Live (Limited Edition)"


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Release: June 2020
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Solar Fake - Who Cares, It's Live (Limited Edition) 2CD + DVD

Limited Edition of 1000 copies world wide!

In 2018, Solar Fake released „You Win. Who Cares?“ - the highlight of their music career so far. The accompanying album tour was a huge success: amongst other countries, the band travelled the UK, Spain, Russia, Finland and Peru, and easily won over the festival crowds of Wave Gothic Treffen, W-Fest and Dark Storm Festival.

„A lot of people keep ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Intro (01:00)
2.Sick Of You (04:18)
3.No Apologies (04:26)
4.Reset To Default (04:24)
5.Under Control (04:50)
6.Here I Stand (05:36)
7.A Bullet Left For You (05:39)
8.All The Things You Say (04:32)
9.I Don't Want You In Here (03:57)
10.Invisible (05:02)
11.Not What I Wanted (05:18)
12.More Than This (04:40)
13.Parasites (04:48)
14.Too Late (03:31)
15.The Pain That Kills You Too (03:58)
16.If This Is Hope (05:18)
17.I Hate You More Than My Life (04:40)
18.Observer (04:53)
19.Where Is My Mind (03:58)
20.Under The Skies (04:17)
21.If I Were You (04:47)
22.Stay (05:54)
23.Papillon (05:04)
24.Where Are You (04:28)
25.My Spaces (04:14)
26.Not What I Wanted (05:38)
27.Under Control (04:47)
28.Sick Of You (04:31)
29.All The Things You Say (04:38)
30.The Pain That Kills You Too (04:04)
31.Anything You Want (04:38)
32.Just Like This (04:54)
33.What If There's Nothing (05:56)
34.The Pages (05:17)
35.Bonus (10:51)
36.Fan Interviews (06:09)