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Solveig Matthildur

"Unexplained Miseries and the Acceptance of Sorrow"


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Release: July 2018
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Solveig Matthildur - Unexplained Miseries and the Acceptance of Sorrow CD

The magnificent solo project by Solveig Matthildur , one-third of the Icelandic post-punk outfit Kaelan Mikla . This is the first vinyl issue of Solveig's debut album, following its release in late 2016 on digital formats. The album went on to win the Icelandic Kraumur Award and has been praised by the likes of Rolling Stone . Highly recommended! Catch her live this Spring at Roadburn , as well as on tour in Japan.
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1.Unexplained Miseries I
2.Unexplained Miseries Ii
3.Unexplained Miseries Iii
4.Improvisation I
5.Acceptance Of Sorrow I
6.Acceptance Of Sorrow Ii
7.Acceptance Of Sorrow Iii