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"Future Cries"


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Release: November 2023
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Sonar - Future Cries CD

Don’t scratch your eyes, the rhythm’n’noise bedrock that is SONAR is back, “Future Cries” on HANDS being their 8th studio album after a break of nine years. Dirk Ivens and Eric Van Wonterghem have lived up to a special challenge: The trademark dense crashing waves of noise leave not much breathing room, and while they surely followed suit in accordance with their own sonic legacy, they have created a fresh and considerably varied take on the SONAR sound. It's essential to acknowledge the rich history this duo represents from their roots in the collaborative project Absolute Body Control to their individual contributions with Dive, The Klinik, Motor!k, Monolith and Insekt.SONAR itself have played a pivotal role in shaping the industrial music scene, beginning with their self-titled debut album in 1996, followed by a series of releases, including the highly sought-after vinyl remix album on HANDS in 2003. With pride we present “Future Cries”, the first regular SONAR album on HANDS: 12 tracks that showcase the 2023 update of one of the most influential acts in the genre. Unmistakably recognizable from the first hard-hitting loops of “Getting Closer” there is this all-embracing hypnotic and repetitive style that Sonar has always been about. Find some sophisticated abstraction (“Future Cries”, “Modern Touch”), monochrome darkness (“Lighthouse”, “Not so Fragile”), upfront noise mayhem for the dance floors (“So Real”, “You get Yours”) and soothing bass tones (“Tonight”). An exciting and versatile album that lets you pick or works great savoured in its entirety.
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1.Getting Closer
3.Future Cries
4.Hold On
6.So Real
7.Modern Touch
8.Turn You On
10.You Get Yours
11.Not So Fragile
12.Perfect Pictures