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Sonic Area



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Release: March 2021
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Sonic Area - KI CD

what does ki mean in our daily lives? joy, sorrow, vigor, courage, cowardice, etc. - these are terms used in our daily life. the japanese see ki as an integral part of all of these. to them, a human being is created from ki of the universe. while he receives ki, he is alive. deprive him of ki and he dies; he loses his human shape. so long as his body is filled with ki and it pours forth with abundance, he is vigorous and filled with courage. (koichi tohei)

the album ki is all ...
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1.Soot Spirit
2.The Silent Way
3.The Praying Mantis
5.Gongwar Feat. Les Tambours Du Bronx
8.Gardens Feat. Hint
10.Street Shadows