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Release: 2016
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Sonic Youth - Master-Dik CD

"originally released in 1987, sonic youth's master dik ep is headed by an alternate version of the track of the same name, as lifted from the band's classic sister lp. The ep features a beatbox replacement of steve shelley's drums, resulting in some raucous rap rock like a thoroughly skronked beastie boys. In amongst thurston's fractured discourses you'll hear some choice soundclips of kiss songs, and it's an amazing mess of a song, recalling the studio experiments of the ciccone youth album. Next the band tackle the ramones' 'beat on the brat', in a meeting of two nyc institutions. It's about as faithful a cover as you could imagine, featuring a thurston vocal that borders on outright joey ramone impersonation. It is of course, awesome. After some interview recording about the jesus and mary chain, a live version of 'master dik' kicks off, featuring a howlingly wide of the mark cover of 'ticket to ride' and general sy performance high jinks with a bit of stand-up from thurston. The remainder of the ep collects a number of short-form vignettes, including the collage piece 'ringo/he's on fire/florida oil drums/westminster chimes' and a miscellany of ephemera including a spot of guitar noodling followed by thurston throwing down human beatboxing while repeatedly declaring himself to be "funky fresh". It would be churlish to disagree. Finally the ep comes to a close with some field recordings and conrète sound, diy-style. This is without doubt a right old mess, but it's also a highly entertaining time capsule for sy fans to rediscover. Highly recommended." boomkat
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2.Beat On The Brat
3.Under The Influence Of The Jesus And Mary Chain
4.Ticket To Ride/master-Dik (Version)/introducing The Stars
5.Ringo/he's On Fire/florida Oil Drums/westminster Chimes 06. Chinese Jam
6.Vibrato/guitar Lick/funky Fresh
7.Our Backyard