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Sonne Hagal



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Release: 2014
Status: Ready to be shipped in 3-5 days
Sonne Hagal - Ockerwasser LP + CD

The album will be available on CD, vinyl+CD Set and as download. The CD is housed in a stylish spot varnished & debossed six-panel Digipak pack including a sixteen-pages booklet. The LP+CD version comes in an altered design and printed inner sleeve.

SONNE HAGAL are back. And how!

We are honoured to announce Sonne Hagal's new, long awaited album "OCKERWASSER - A Symphony of Sorrowful songs." There is every indication that OCKERWASSER will be considered Sonne Hagal's masterwork.

For six years, after releasing ...
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1.The Shapes Of Things To Come 05:02
2.Morpheus 05:19
3.Of Dissembling Words 04:43
4.After The Rain 03:30
5.Black Spring 05:51
6.Thyme 05:10
7.Silence 03:57
8.Gold 04:51
9.Devon 04:25
10.Mediocrity In Love Rejected 03:36
11.Assassins 04:56