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Sopor Aeternus

"Death and Flamingos (Limited Edition)"



Release: February 2019
Status: Sold out
Sopor Aeternus - Death and Flamingos (Limited Edition) CD

"Death & Flamingos" is the totally unexpected, old-school deathrock album many long-time fans have probably been secretly hoping for for decades. This is fucking great.

CD in hardback book Lined with linen texture paper Additionally adorned with silver hot foil print 16-page booklet Exquisite art print on high quality art paper Perfectly finished with a special matt varnish Black front and rear endpapers Special CD tray made from paper printed black Includes all album lyrics by Anna-Varney Cantodea
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Label:Apocalyptic Vision
1.Kinder Des Teufels
2.Spell Bound
3.The Boy Must Die
6.Coffin Break
7.Vor Dem Tode Träumen Wir
8.Death Waltz
9.Charnel House
10.Mors Ultima Ratio... (Theme From Death & Flamingos)