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Sopor Aeternus

"Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh EP"



Release: 2012
Status: Sold out
Sopor Aeternus - Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh EP MLP

Sopor Aeternus' very, very rare and much sought after mini album 'Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh', originally issued in 1995 and strictly limited to 3.000 copies only, is now released on vinyl for the first time as a limited edition 12" LP, plus three bonus tracks AND containing the original cover artwork 'St. Hieronymus' by Italian artist Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio.

  • Classy black 12" vinyl (180g audiophile vinyl)
  • Printed inner sleeves
  • Cover and backcover containing the original 'Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh' artwork
  • Plus three bonus tracks 'Watch your Step', 'Fire kissed the EchoTwins' and 'White Body'
  • Signed by Anna-Varney Cantodea

This EP is strictly limited to 396 copies only!
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InfraRot item number:2011.423
Label:Apocalyptic Vision
Label's catalogue number:AV-002-EP
1.Anima I
2.Shadowsphere II
3.Saltatio Crudelitatis
5.Anima II
6.Tanz Der Grausamkeit
7.Watch Your Step
8.Fire Kissed The Echo Twins
9.White Body