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Sopor Aeternus

"The Spiral Sacrifice (Limited Edition)"

Book + CD


Release: 2018
Status: Sold out
Sopor Aeternus - The Spiral Sacrifice (Limited Edition) Book + CD

The ALL NEW Studio album!!! Limited BOOK+CD edition will be released as follows:

· CD containing the new studio album ‘The Spiral Sacrifice’· 19 songs and more than 78 minutes’ playing time· Elaborately designed hardback picture book· Additionally adorned with glossy metallic hot foil print· Also features luxurious imitation leather print· 128 pages (approx 28 x 28cm) in a large format that really does the fascinating imagery justice· Exquisite art print on high quality 150g wood-free matt-coated art paper· Bound with durable, extra-black thread stitching· Black front and rear endpapers· Includes all album lyrics by Anna-Varney Cantodea· Strictly limited to 1’500 copies worldwide
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Label:Apocalyptic Vision
1.Everything Is An Illusion
2.Where The End Begins
3.There Are Scars In The Evening Sky
4.The Broken & Shattered Moon
5.I Cannot Go Back To The Way I Was
6.In The Company Of Beasts
7.When You Love A Man
8.Through The Forest Wondrously
9.By The Waters Of Forgetfulness
10.Ein Freundlich' Wort Einst Unverhofft
11.I Am Done With Men
12.Sometimes You Make Me Smile
13.At Sunset Through The Fields Aflame
14.In The Old House (We Made Out Well)
15.Light In The Attic
16.If I Could Go Back In Time
17.I Am So Glad It's Over
18.Let Me Say It Now
19.Through Your Eyes