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Sopor Aeternus

"Todeswunsch & Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh (Fan Edition)"

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Release: 2012
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Sopor Aeternus - Todeswunsch & Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh (Fan Edition) Set

For the die-hard fans we offer the three releases 2LP "Todeswunsch", 12" EP "Ehjeh Ascher Ehjeh and the exklusively designed "Todeswunsch" shirt in a special priced package.
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Label:Apocalyptic Vision
1.Flesh Crucifix (Suffering From Objectivity)
2.Die Bruderschaft Des Schmerzes (Die Unbegreiflichkeit Des Dunklen...)
3.Shadowsphere 1&2 (The Monologue-world And The Subconscious Symbols)
4.Saltatio Crudelitatis (Tanz Der Grausamkeit)
5.Just A Song Without A Name
6.Soror (Sister Of Self-Destruction)
7.Le Théâtre De La Blessure Sacrée
8.The Devil's Instrument
10.Drama Der Geschlechtslosigkeit Part 1
12.Drama Der Geschlechtslosigkeit Part 2
14.Somnambulist's Secret Bardo-life (Does The Increase Of Pain...)
15.Not Dead But Dying
16.Only The Dead In The Mist
17.This Profane Finality
18.Cage Within A Cage (...Within A Cage Within A Cage...)
19.Anima I
20.Shadowsphere II
21.Saltatio Crudelitatis
23.Anima II
24.Tanz Der Grausamkeit
25.Watch Your Step
26.Fire Kissed The Echo Twins
27.White Body