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Spandau Ballet

"Journeys To Glory"


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Release: 2015
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Spandau Ballet - Journeys To Glory LP

180 GRAM AUDIOPHILE VINYL - INSERT Journeys To Glory is the first studio album by Spandau Ballet. When it was released in 1981, the album was considered "fresh, bold, and even somewhat avant-garde". Many fans feel that the spare, drum-led, Funk-undertones are more original than the group's later Soul-influenced recordings. Several of their New Romantic contemporaries (Ultravox, Duran Duran, Visage), were musically quite credible. Spandau Ballet proved at a very young age they were a force to be reckoned with. Songs like "To Cut A Long Story Short" and "Musclebound" are the album's highlights.
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1.To Cut A Long Story Short
4.Muscle Bound
5.Age Of Blows
6.The Freeze