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Spectra Paris

"Modernism (Limited Edition)"

2CD · Book

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Release: August 2022
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Spectra Paris - Modernism (Limited Edition) 2CD

2CD Book (36 pages, hardcover, 18x18cm) incl. bonus CD with 12 bonus tracks (limited, 500 copies available)

Charismatic, enigmatic, and absolutely outstanding, ...
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1.Flying Onlookers
4.Infection Party
5.Naughty Girl J5Mm 2022 Mix Feat John Fryer
6.Graphic Music 1.0 (Instr.)
7.Poison Fresh
8.Morodern Feat. Fakeba
9.Indigo Cypher
10.Vacanze Romane
11.Just A Cigarette
12.Angry Bite
13.Ogre's Horizon
14.Poison Fresh Doctor Phibes Mix
15.Social Lovers Rmx2016
16.Golden Eye Live 2010
17.Angry Bite Remix
18.Poison Fresh Extended Mix 2022
19.I Dont't Care
20.Graphic Music 2.0
21.Blue Days Feat. Seasurfer
22.Circle Of The Angels
23.Il Bacio Del Mondo (The Kiss Of The World) Kirlian Camera Italian Version
24.Shapeshifter Video Soundtrack Version
25.Infection Party Rmx
26.E-Girl Mantramix 2022