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Spider Lilies

"Eyes Of The Storm"


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Release: April 2020
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Spider Lilies - Eyes Of The Storm CD

Remix album with remixes from Clan of Xymox, Bella Morte, Imperative Reaction, Ego Likeness and much more. Eyes of the Storm is the remix companion to the Spider Lilies Cyclogenesis full length. With remixes from Cyclogenesis by Clan of Xymox, Imperative Reaction, XP8, Ego Likeness, Bella Morte, Espermachine, George Bikos (Embers of a Dying Flame), and Valerie Gentile (Brooklyn Spider). Original mixes by The Dark Clan and Imperative Reaction! Spider Lilies is dark electro-rock with female vocals, guitar, and often, violin, signed to the label, Distortion Productions. The project is defined by Stacey Campbell's vocals and electronic composition. Stacey was formerly known as a guitarist/backup vocalist of the Cruxshadows. Spider Lilies began in 1999, and was revived in 2003, after Stacey toured the U.S, Europe and Scandinavia extensively with CXS. Live, Spider Lilies is a high-energy experience as well as a skillful performance of the music. Currently based in the Northern VA and Charlottesville area, the band performs with a 2-4 person lineup, including Chad VanPelt (guitarist; also known as DJ Rift in Charlottesville and DC goth/industrial scenes), Mike K. Johnson (live drummer for many well-known bands such as Ego Likeness, and The Rain Within), and Tom Lynch (keyboardist extraordinaire)!
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1.Pay (Imperative Reaction Mix)
2.Metaphor (Xp8 Mix)
3.Mirror In The Dark (Clan Of Xymox Mix)
4.Disaster (The Prime Time Player Mix By The Dark Clan)
5.Surgery (No Anesthesia Remix By Ego Likeness)
6.Pay (Bella Morte Mix)
7.Metaphor (Brooklyn Spider Mix)
8.Mirror In The Dark (E.d.f Mix)
9.Disaster (Imperative Reaction Mix)
10.Metaphor (Espermachine Remix)