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Spiritual Front

"Amour Braque (Limited Edition)"

2CD · Book

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Release: 2018
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Spiritual Front - Amour Braque (Limited Edition) 2CD

2CD book edition (hardcover, 18x18cm, 48 pages with enhanced artwork, featuring full-length 12-track bonus CD) (700 copies available)

Five years after the compilation ...
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1.Intro/love's Vision
2.Tenderness Through Violence
4.The Abyss Of Heaven
5.Children Of The Black Light
6.Pain Is Love
7.Beauty And Decay
8.Devoted To You
9.This Past Was Only Mine
11.An End Named Hope
12.The Man I've Become
13.Vladimir Central
14.Battuage Reprise
15.Devotion Like Emptiness
16.This Past Was Never Mine
17.The Tender Caress Of Violence
18.I Am Your Black Sun
19.My Heart Out
20.Don't Speak My Name
21.My Dead Charade
22.Does Your Sex Open Any Door?
23.Dear Lucifer (Acoustic Version)
24.Protect Me
25.My Love Won't Fade (Acoustic Version)