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Spiritual Front

"Rotten Roma Casino (Fan Edition)"

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Release: 2010
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Spiritual Front - Rotten Roma Casino (Fan Edition) Set

For the die-hard fans: the limited CD/DVD plus a wonderful t-shirt of this suicide pop act.

Infos regarding the album:The 'armageddon gigolo' is back: after the succinctly titled first album for Trisol, on their brand new album 'Rotten Roma Casino' the charismatic Italian heartbreaker Simone Salvatori's band once again define that which they have shaped like no other: 'suicide pop'. That is to say: melancholy melodies, stirring guitar chords, emotional vocals and yearning string passages, but also solid-groove beats and macabre phrases.

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1.Darkroom Friendship
2.Sad Almost A Winner
3.My Erotic Sacrifice
4.Kiss The Girls And Make The Die
5.The Days Of Anger
6.German Boys
8.Black Dogs Of Mexico
9.Song For Johnny
10.Bare Knuckle Boy
11.Cold Love (In A Cold Coffin)
12.Overkilled Heart
13.Ascolta [Video]
14.Darkroom Friendship [Video]
15.Sesso Consolazione Della Miseria [Video]
16.Sad Almost A Winner [Video]
17.Simone H. Salvatori About Spiritual Front [Video]
18.Verrà La Morte E Avrà I Tuoi Occhi [Video]