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Release: August 2019
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SSSS - Absence LP

Samuel "S S S S" Savenberg is one of the earliest members of the Haunter crew, presenting his project through 2014's Administration Of Fear, bombing the horizon with a barrage of darkened, industrialized techno. Since 2015's Just Dead Stars For Dead Eyes though, Haunter has become the home for his most progressive and forward-thinking releases. Absence could be considered the spiritual successor to that work, venturing even further into those same lands. A thing's sudden absence grants its permanence in memory, so, paradoxically, this time around it's an experience closer to being explored than exploring, more like being invaded by an empty place than invading it. Savenberg's absent spaces lay beyond the grasp of representation, manifesting in an unsettingly familiar way. They are traversed by telluric bass phenomena, over-scaled waves of sound that can take the shape of proper, kinetically charged breakbeats (ripe with processed 808 drums) or crumble into digitzed bits. Fellow Swiss producer Gil provides with a remix, combining a slowed-down dembow beat with the doomy electronics of the original. released February 15, 2019 All tracks produced, recorded and mixed by Samuel Savenberg B3 remixed by Gil Schneider Artwork by Collin Fletcher Mastered by Tapewave Studio.
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1.It Comes In Waves
3.This Terrible Virtue Of Forgiveness
5.This Terrible Virtue Of Forgiveness (Gil Remix)