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St. Michael Front

"Schuld & Sühne (Limited Black Vinyl)"


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Release: May 2022
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St. Michael Front - Schuld & Sühne (Limited Black Vinyl) LP

Gatefold LP (180g vinyl, black) incl. printed inner sleeve and protection sleeve

Madness reigns where ST. MICHAEL FRONT tread: The duo from Hamburg, Germany does not give a damn either about artistic boundaries or musical taboos, but happily combines chanson and Schlager, neofolk, pop, and soundtrack with audible relish. On their sophomore album entitled "Schuld & Sühne" ("Crime & Punishment"), which for the first time is written entirely in their mother-tongue, the two Northern Germans alchemically distil campfire romance, wanderlust, greed and love, melancholy, a thirst for revenge, and apocalyptic anger into pure gold.

ST. MICHAEL FRONT got off ...
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