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St. Michael Front

"The Beginning and the End of Ahriman (Limited Edition)"

2CD · Book

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Release: May 2022
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St. Michael Front - The Beginning and the End of Ahriman (Limited Edition) 2CD

- 2CD hardcover artbook (18x18 cm, 72 pages) with 10-track bonus CD, lyrics and a multitude of band photos and artwork

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1.Lucky Prince
2.Rifles & New Gods
3.Doom Of Your Living Room
4.Drones Block My Way
6.They Burn
7.I'm Fine
8.Death & His Son
9.Thank You For Nothing
10.Higher Source
11.White Lights Shine
12.Bootlicking For A Dream
13.I'm Fine ("in The Wake Of A New Dream" Version)
14.Doom Of Your Living Room ("in The Wake Of A New Dream" Version)
15.Sad King
16.Lucky Prince (Instrumental)
17.Doom Of Your Living Room (Instrumental)
18.I'm Fine (Instrumental)
19.Higher Source (Instrumental)
20.Bootlicking For A Dream (Instrumental)
21.Higher Source (Lauer-Remix)
22.I'm Fine (Lauer-Remix)