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Stahlnebel & Black Selket

"Contemporary Transformation (Limited Edition)"

CD + Single/7"

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Release: 2013
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Stahlnebel & Black Selket - Contemporary Transformation (Limited Edition) CD + Single/7

Advoxya & StahlBlack production answer your call for more ...STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET strikes again after their most successful release called "Noise", they will let no wishes open this winter with their new "Contemporary transformation" EP. Some excamples ..."Go ahead" - let forget you all that boring "hard electro" songs you must listen to."Dead silence" - is the successful and incredible fusion with a real youth choir. "Drowning" - is not less than the Dark Electro/Future-Pop "earcatcher" of 2013/2014. Together with CONTEMPORARY TRANSFORMATIONS [New voice & sounds] of "Anxiety neuroses" & "Each day", this EP will leave behind only totally satisfied listeners !!It comes as "lim. edition 7"vinyl & EP-Disc [11 tracks]" and as "EP-Jewelcase edition [9 tracks]"You want the best - you get the best - this winter will be hot !!!
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1.Go Ahead (Branko Theme)
2.Anxiety Neuroses (Transformation 2013)
3.Dead Silence (Feat. Cantalino Youth Choir)
4.Each Day (Transformation 2013)
6.Sick World (Extended Club Mix)
7.Fight (Ep Version Feat. Devilsight)
8.Evil Human (Body Beat Mix Feat. Angels Of Suicide)
9.Russian Roulette
11.Russian Roulette - .44 Blast Remix By Sindna 2013