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Release: 2019
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Standalone - Standalone CD

Standalone is the synthesizer driven new-wave solo project of Steven Seibold. With a collection of tools, handmade metal crashers, shakers, toy piano, vintage synthesizer and drums, I've re-invented myself. Music that shaped us from the 80's and 90's was emotional, skillful, melodic and relatable... this is want I want to achieve as an artist. Having founded the industrial-punk band Hate Dept., and a strong presence in the famed industrial-rock group Pigface, I am versed in enthusiastic and motivated entertainment. The debut album is purposely recorded and produced with the feel of a raw live performance. On stage, the show is both a solo act with an assortment of clanking steel with electronic keyboard accompaniment, and a duo with Ivan Kazak on drums. Standalone is what we feel, every single one of us.
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1.Destroy Yourself
5.Ready To Kill
6.The Building Song
7.Short Forever
8.Take Over
9.Love Is Invisible