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State Of The Union

"Dancing In The Dark"


Release: 2010
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State Of The Union - Dancing In The Dark MCD

With the release of their last album "Evol Love Industry" State Of The Union managed to get a real breakthrough in the european electronic scene. Besides bands like VNV Nation or Assemblage 23, State Of The UNION became a driving force in the "past futurepop" movement. Songs like "Timerunner", "Fall from Grace" or "Radioman" became real clubhits in the scene. With "Dancing in the Dark" the band delivers another floorsmash for their fans and the clubs around the globe! The new MCD delivers a never before tried out new release concept. Leaving out the original track (to be exclusively found on the following studio album) the MCD comes with 25 (!) versions of "Dancing in the Dark" (15 in audio + 10 in mp3 format). A must for all clubmaniacs, DJs and dark dancers!
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Label's catalogue number:FACT 3132
1.Heimataerde (Remix)
2.Digital Frequence (Remix)
3.Pulse State (Remix)
4.Cryogen Second (Remix)
5.Die With You (Remix)
6.Mwartyr Art (Remix)
7.Stihmann (Remix)
8.Stahlnebel (Remix)
9.De Tot Cor (Remix)
10.Electrovot (Remix)
11.Thanos Milanos (Remix)
12.Mordacious (Remix)
13.Art Deko (Remix)
14.Ledmanville (Remix)
15.Neuromantik (Remix)
16.Fatal Rupture (Mp3 Remix)
17.Aqualite (Mp3 Remix)
18.Enter & Fall (Mp3 Remix)
19.Polarized (Mp3 Remix)
20.Sidechain (Mp3 Remix)
21.Reizstrom (Mp3 Remix)
22.Red Flag (Mp3 Remix)
23.Nydhog (Mp3 Remix)
24.Ladder (Mp3 Remix)
25.Orphee (Mp3 Remix)