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Station Echo

"Control Voltage (Special Edition)"


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Release: May 2021
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Station Echo - Control Voltage (Special Edition) CD

A great voice, strong songwriting and extraordinary production skills are the trademark of „Station Echo“. The Lyon / France based band combines Rock- and Pop elements which sometimes remind you as a fusion of bands such as Placebo and Depeche Mode. The first single „SAY YOU’RE SORRY“ is a true hit single with massive radio potential and is one of the highlights in every live performance by „Station Echo“. „Control Voltage“ is released in a limited „Special Edition“ in a nice digi-pak featuring bonustracks remixed by "Rob Dust" and "Frozen Plasma" as well as a bands own version of „SAY YOU’RE SORRY“. Two massive video clips haven been released to support the album visually.
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1.Say You’Re Sorry
2.Spasmodic Lies
3.You’Re Wrong
4.Eyes Up (Heart Strong)
7.The Road
9.The Magic Place : The Opening
10.The Magic Place : The Meeting
11.The Magic Place : The Drowning
12.Say You’Re Sorry (Rob Dust Remix)
13.Say You’Re Sorry (Frozen Plasma Remix)
14.Say You’Re Sorry (Alternate Version)