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Stendal Blast

"Wir Ergeben Uns - Das Beste Zum Schluss"


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Release: 2015
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Stendal Blast - Wir Ergeben Uns - Das Beste Zum Schluss CD

It is not easy to get original albums by Stendal Blast. Their debut from 1995 is unavailable for ages, and their third opus ‘Morgenrot’ has become a sought after pearl, available at outrageous amounts of money only. This situation has not improved since the band, led by singer and songwriter Kaaja Hoyda, decided to stop the project in October 2013, after more than 20 years of creative time. Stendal Blast released 5 studio albums in its history. Stendal Blast became real avantgarde musi-cians, who closed the gap between sophisticated lyrics and catchy compositions. Their last output, the album ‘Schmutzige Hände’ (2006) was a musically and lyrically very mature, brilliant album.

The song "Fährmann" became another ...
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1.Nie Mehr Mit Dir Schlafen
2.In Diesem Sinne
3.Neuer Mensch
4.Kurzer Aufenthalt
5.Der Spanische Mond
6.Julia, Jolante Und Marie
7.Wo Führt Das Hin?
8.Im Morgenrot
9.Fette Beute
10.Nur Ein Tag
11.Schmutzige Hände
13.Die Frau Im Roten Kleid