InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann





Release: 2009
Status: Sold out

Combining epic synth patterns with stunning piano movements and a subtle dose of distorted rhythmic beats, Stendeck's long awaited album "sonnambula" injects an air of originality and purpose that will both inspire and move you to elated heights. With one astounding song composition after the next, "sonnambula" conjures up the true ingredients of intelligent electronica, driven by distortion-tinged beats, soaring synth-lines, and modern classical elements that spew emotion from every surface. This is without a doubt Stendeck's finest hour.
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InfraRot item number:2003.452
Label's catalogue number:ta021
1.Something Special Is Going To Happen
2.Through Tiny Windows We Wonder Constellations
3.Lullabies From The Cliff By The Raging Sea
4.It Must Be Heaven
5.Admira And Brosko (Love During The Time Of War)
6.Blind Army Parade
7.Dead Dancing Triangle
8.Lunar Attraction
9.Every Time Itry To Reach You, You Just Fade Away
10.Hunters Of The Last Summer Breeze
11.Different Ec Forms Of Lightning And Collateral Atmosphereic Phenomena
12.Safari In The Blue Tails CockatooŽs Garden
13.Broken Heart Carillon
14.Happy Little Children Playing On The Cherry Tree
15.I Fear All The Moments You Will Need Me And I WonŽt Be There
16.An Autumnal Afternoon In The FamilyŽs House
17.Sonnambula (DonŽt Worry ItŽs Just A Dream)