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Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes

"The Ancestor Circle"


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Release: 2014
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Steve Roach & Jorge Reyes - The Ancestor Circle CD

Conjuring images of a primal futurism, this alchemical blending-of-sound is a ceremonial offering to the forgotten gods. Roach created this all new tribal-ambient-electronic collaboration from material recorded before Reyes' death in 2009. The sound of The Ancestor Circle rises up from the dark-night-of-the-soul to embrace life. An ancient voice chants in serpentine ecstasy only to subside and hover next to a slow drone of eternal time drawn from electronics, percussion, prehispanic flutes, ocarinas, and other acoustic instruments. Roach & Reyes are still here bringing us messages from the infinite.
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1.The Circle Opens
2.Memories Unsuspended
3.Espacio Escultorico
4.Spirit, Stone And Bone
5.Procession Of Ancestors
6.Temple Of Dust