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Still Patient

"Zeitgeist Weltschmerz (Limited Edition)"


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Release: June 2018
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Still Patient - Zeitgeist Weltschmerz (Limited Edition) CD

30 years of Still Patient? – 30 years of Gothic Rock. Right on time for their bands anniversary, the gentlemen around frontman Andy Koa are back with their opulent new album “Zeitgeist Weltschmerz”. Hypnotic guitars, powerful, emotional, dark synth sounds woven into a varied and driving rhythmic mesh – the perfect mixture for everybody, who values the familiar and is always hungry for something new.

On the tribute version of the classic “Schwefel” song “Metropolis”, they worked with non-other than Horacz Bluminth, who also contributed the saxophone part in the original version.
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1.The Ghosts Of Tides
2.Drag Me Down
3.In The Name
4.The Man
6.Darkness Divine
7.Breathe Ii
8.Hell And Back
9.Misery Galore
10.Ellum Ii
11.The Last Chime
12.Zeitgeist Weltschmerz
13.Gimme Tears