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Release: 2015
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Stratosphere - Aftermath CD

Limited edition of 300 in 4-panel ecoWallet

Aftermath, the second Projekt release from Belgium's Stratosphere (aka Ronald Marien), is built upon layering shimmers of guitar and bass-generated tones and drones. The album's core seems inspired by post-rock, drone ambient and the work of Fripp & Eno, yet speaks in it's own expressive voice. The stormclouds of guitar-generated soundsculpting utilizes textures sometimes shadowy, sometimes melodic and engaging, all swirling in slow dynamics of change which obscure and reveal the passionate resonance of the creator himself.
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1.Accepting The Aftermath
2.Search For Normality
3.Search For Normality (Reprise)
4.Endless Despair
6.When You Think Everything Is Alright..