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"In A Place Of Mutual Understanding"


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Release: 2014
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Stratosphere - In A Place Of Mutual Understanding CD

Limited edition of strictly 200 coipes!

An exchange of sound between Stratosphere (aka Ronald Mariën, Dirk' longtime soundtechnician) and Dirk Serries (VidnaObmana, FearFallsBurning, The Sleep of Reason, Continuum). Drawing from genres like post-rock, shoegaze ambient, and drone music, In A Place… beautifully blends all these style into a collection that is atmospheric, harmonic, dynamic and even dramatic. Created with electric guitars and basses - and featuring an ethereal guest vocal appearance by Martina Verhoeven - these pieces build waves of guitar patterns and textural washes, heavy stabs, and peeling figures into a stirring moodscape that's as uplifting as it is beautiful.
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1.Unfold The Obscurity
2.Dawn Will Reveal Itself
4.Confront The Reflection, Then Shatter The Mirror!