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Stratvm Terror

"Aged Fractures And Dead Ends"


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Release: 2012
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Stratvm Terror - Aged Fractures And Dead Ends 2CD

Announced for an october release, this final Stratvm Terror double-CD has arrived by surprise! This release marks the end of Stratvm Terror. But what an end! Massive sounds of drowning liquids, mechanized background noises, brain mangler soundscapes and harsh abrasive amplifications.

'Aged Fractures and Dead Ends' is a vast collection of various archive material produced by the Stratvm Terror constellation Peter Andersson (Raison D'Etre) and Tobias Larsson (Ocean Chief). Lost pieces, sketches, live material, cassette and compilation tracks between 1993 and 1999. 150 minutes in total and most of it has previously never been released. In 6-panel digipak with photos by Henrik Stolt.
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InfraRot item number:2011.853
Label:Old Europa Café
Label's catalogue number:OECD164
2.Liquid Fu*k
3.Kranivm II
7.Frog Liquor
8.A Second Uranium
10.Cox (Sketch I)
11.Cox (Sketch II)
12.Gore (Sketch I)
13.Gore (Sketch II)
14.Loco Peni* (Sketch)
15.Killing Me (Rehearsal) [Live]
17.Kill Me For An Hour [Live]
18.Worms [Live]
19.Clean Urine From The Featherv Pillow
20.Blemish Slaying (Germial Chamber)
21.Skullbreading (Germinal Chamber)
23.Kranivm I
26.Pulp Extortion (Early Version)
27.Blemish Slaying (The Slaying Of The Infants)
28.Why Oral Zebras (The Slaying Of The Infants)
29.Cruzifix (The Slaying Of The Infants)
30.Convulsion (The Slaying Of The Infants)
32.Blamish Slaying (Early Version)
33.Braindash In Plasmachrist
34.Genital Remove [Live]
35.Swelter Deformation [Live]
36.Kill Me For An Hour [Live]
37.Bleeding [Live]
38.Armed, Loaded And Co*ked [Live]
39.Dead Endings On An Acoustic Guitar