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"Abuse By Proxy"


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Release: 2008
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Stray - Abuse By Proxy CD

Erica Dunham reached success with her harsh project Unter Null. It is now under the Stray moniker, that she reveals a more delicate artistic approach. "Abuse by Proxy"'s eerie sound awakes some dormant emotions deep inside of you while her bittersweet lyrics give a certain acrid flavour to the poignant melodies that rapidly start possessing you. It is no surprise that Stray's sound has been described as Delerium or Conjure One's atmospheres filtered through Unter Null's noir soul.
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Kindred Soul
2.The Tie That Binds
3.Fade Into You
4.Hold On
6.Lost Command
7.Break Me Free
8.Does It Really Matter
9.Sleep As Metaphor
10.Abuse By Proxy
11.In Times Of Misanthropy
12.Does It Really Matter (Cencab Remix)
13.Kindred Soul (Mothboy Remix)
14.Does It Really Matter (Keef Baker Remix)