InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann




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Release: 2008
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Strops - Strops CD

A lonely atmosphere... A forest on a misty autumn day... Constructed by heavy drones, pulsating beat-like structures and lyrics in a unfamiliar sounding language... The breath of wrecked machines seeps through the album, transported by amphoric sounds created through heavy manipulation of the sound of steel drums. This provocation is being emphasized through the use texts by german poet Georg Trakl. Reflecting the past by literature from a victim of world war I, embedding it in pulsating sounds, this title-less masterpiece demands your full attention. The artwork reflects the music perfectly: arranged hexagonal nuts on a rusty background, referring to a beehive as well as the origin of the sounds. Clear repetitive structures versus threatening drones and tangible metal sounds; gained out of rusty steel.
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1.Elpa - Izelpa / Einatmen - Ausatmen
2.Ugunskristibas / Feuertaufe
3.Spraucoties Starp Naudas Kokiem / Drängen Durch Die Geldbäum
4.Bojaeja / Untergang
5.Sturm Varda / Im Namen Von Sturm
6.Vakarzeme / Abendland
7.Pec Bitem Rudens Nak / Nach Den Bienen Kommt Der Herbst
8.Ziema / Winter
9.Naves Tuvums / Nähe Des Todes
10.Pavasari / Im Frühling