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Studio-X vs. Simon Carter

"Breaking The Void (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Studio-X vs. Simon Carter - Breaking The Void (Limited Edition) 2CD

UK Hardcore/Breakbeat artist/DJ Simon Carter's first encounter with the EBM/industrial scene made him want to launch a new project and break some more music boundaries. He found in Australia's Lawrie Masson (from the trance dance act STUDIO-X) the right partner in crime to come up with something different and cutting-edge. On their debut album "Breaking The Void", the duo serves us an assortment of electro tracks fusing together many elements to create a journey through many different styles and influences, with only two main tenets. Firstly, every track is dancefloor friendly and secondly, each track contains an original vocal… So strap yourselves in and enjoy this enlightening journey through sound from the hard dance epic techno of "Frozen" to the orchestral and almost obsessive "The End (FromAfar)" and its PENDULUM d&b touch. We of course recognize the delicious club hit "Say My Name" from the previous single and its sexy melodramatic female vocals as well as the tear-jerker "Gone ‘Together Again’" with its very emotive vocal dimension. Other highlights are for sure the DAFT PUNKesque "Don't Let Go" and its driving disco bass line and uplifting robotic sound, as well as the groovy electro track "Walk Away With Me (Dance Away With Me)" and its 80’s influences and bouncy bass-line. In the same synth pop line, we will also surely mention the catchy electro "Reasons" and its haunting ghostly female vocals. Amateurs of the harder STUDIO-X sound will surely enjoy the dance floor slammer "Angels Of The Dark" and its extremely distorted harsh vocals but also and most especially the progressive EBM / dark elektro anthem "Truth". Add to this the sci-fi / clubby and EDM sounding "Particles Of Love", the synth-driven "Love Changes Everything" and the fast paced techno-fused dark-electro "Fallen" and you get a hell of an album, fully formatted for the dancefloors. An album revealing 2 talented artists enjoying the merge of genres and a wide sonic spectrum evoking the unexpected mix of OZARK HENRY singing FRONT 242 or yet ANNE CLARK on hard dance beats heavily fusing techno trance ingredients that STUDIO-X are famous for. A strongly recommended catchy uplifting sonic experience bridging hard elektro dance with dark electro pop.

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2.Say My Name (Album Version)
3.Don't Let Go
5.Gone 'together Again' (Album Version)
6.Walk Away With Me (Dance Away With Me)
8.Love Changes Everything
9.Particles Of Love
10.Angels Of The Dark
12.The End (From Afar)
13.Gone 'together Again' (Level 2.0 Remix)
14.Frozen (Winter Mix By Xp8)
15.Don't Let Go (Waves Under Water Remix)
16.Fallen (Ien Oblique Remix)
17.Truth (00Tz00Tz Remix)
18.Say My Name (Alternate Edit)
19.Love Changes Everything (Zero-Eq Remix)
20.Angels Of The Dark (C-Lekktor Remix)
21.Walk Away With Me (Dance Away With Me) (Kick Burst Remix)
22.Reasons (Cosmic Armchair Remix)
23.Particles Of Love (Xenturion Prime Remix)
24.Truth (Kant Kino Remix)
25.Gone 'together Again' (Alternate Edit)