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"Das Ist Electro Dark"


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Release: 2013
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Stupre - Das Ist Electro Dark CD

3 years after their acclaimed first album Priceless, STUPRE is back with DAS IST ELECTRO DARK out on Advoxya. Wilder, deeper, darker, and more mature, they blow an original blend of all best features Electro Dark has been bred with through years. NarCis PrinCe and Verge release a performance of 13 blasting club hits from the slowest darkest love song ANEROS HELIX to epileptic suicidal 150 bpm SHARP BROAD KNIFE. This pearl also features vocals by zNo from death-core act Absurdity, Werawulfaz of Sons Of Fenris and the legendary K-Bereit for one more ultimate hit track.

STUPRE hits it hard with, literally, a compilation of singles driven by night through a bloody sensitive journey. DAS IST ELECTRO DARK. Why? Because we’re sick. Because it feels good. Because we gonna cry. Because we wanna dance. Because we wanna die. Fuck’em, they’re French.
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1.Drag King V2
2.Aneros Helix
3.Sharp Broad Knife
6.Coffein Rush
7.You Always Hurt The Ones You Love
8.Das Ist Electro Dark
9.Sad(Istic) Sick Bitch
10.No Passion
11.Here And Nowhere
12.Peeled Skin
13.So Much More Feat K-Bereit